A new beginning

Hi, everyone!

This is a blog with lesbian domestic discipline stories. They are mostly DD relationships, but there are exceptions.

As a “responsible” brat that I am, I have forgotten not only the password but also the alternative email address I used to log in to my last blog, so the first posts will be just transfers.



  1. Hi,
    Hope you don’t mind me droping by, occasional visitor to Alyx’s site.
    You may live in a place where a lot of people don’t get where you are coming from but, truly, that can happen anywhere. Sometimes, people can know all the jargon and the buzzwords, yet still not come close to really getting you.
    Fact is, you write and express what you feel honestly, with thiught and sensitivity, and you do this despite that constant voice of self-doubt. That’s a lot to hold on to.

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    1. Thank you ….! Your words awoke such tender and deep feelings! They are like a wonderful hug of understanding, and perhaps of shared experience as well! I am so sorry for not seeing your comment earlier. I don’t check the email connected to … this part of me very often. It comes in bursts of inspiration and I guess acceptance for this part of me. I truly apologize for making you wait this long. Thank you…

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